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Mirabelle H. is the 2017 Nueva Doodle Winner - Middle School

The inspiration behind Mirabelle's design:

"Nueva is like a second home, it is a big part of-of who I am. In my doodle, I was trying to express what Nueva meant to me.

In the "N" I drew bookshelves to represent the library. The Library has always been important to me. It's where I do homework and hang out at recess. It also introduced me to so many books and new worlds.

The "U" is composed of different faces to show the diversity of Nueva. I am proud to be part of the Nueva community because it's so diverse. I always feel safe to be who I am.

"E" is supposed to be a letter in the middle of being laser cut for the I-lab. One of the reasons Nueva is unique is its I-lab. I can make whatever I want whenever I want. It really opened me up to things like machine learning, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

The "V" is supposed to be the rope swing in the gym. Nueva is also special because it has this awesome rope swing. I always enjoy swinging on it.

The "A" is supposed to be one of the forts you build in the forest as a lower schooler. As a little 8 year old, I would always have so much fun marking territory and building forts with my friends. It brings back so many memories and I think it's a crucial part of Nueva. This is what Nueva means to me."


15 oz. Ceramic Mug